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Just a note to say thank you to Sound Techniques and Sound Devices for the service provided to me for my 633 mixer.

Firstly thank you for your service and allowing me to use your hire 633 mixer. This allowed me to work uninterrupted throughout the repair process, and most importantly you made the whole process entirely stress free – that is hugely appreciated.

Secondly a big thank you to Sound Devices for the repair and service of my mixer. The mixer came back looking and operating like it was brand new, which is no mean achievement given the places and conditions it has been in over its lifetime. The cost was incredibly reasonable, and I can only acknowledge the goodwill shown by both Sound Techniques and Sound Devices in standing by the gear they sell.

Its always a pleasure dealing with you.

Don Paulin, Motion Audio, Location Audio and Post Production

Adam S3H Professional Monitor Review

Absolutely the best I have heard 'audio' in my entire life !! 

My system is...The Adam S3H' - MIT Matrix 6 XLR cables - the Oppo UDP205 universal player using ESS Sabre DACs (4k/1080 bluray/DVD video/DVD audio/CD/SACD/192k/24b AIF/WAV/FLAC/5.8mhz DSD)

  For the record I am singer/songwriter/guitarist/guitar tech and a lifelong avid music fan with a serious addiction to the 'sound'of music' (pun intended).

I was 15 years old when I purchased my first audio equipment, a $30 set of second hand 'Pye' speakers so I could  connect them to my parents old stereo located in the lounge and run cables down the hall and into my bedroom, I was in heaven! despite numerous times them telling me to 'turn it down' my parents were both musicians and I think they understood my   need for a little volume.One of my first records was Pink Floyds 1973 album 'Dark Side of the Moon' a recording that till today is highly respected for its 'studio sound',I was amazed at the not only the music but the various sound effects added in,jet planes,running footsteps,clocks etc and how they would move from left to right and even appear to be somehow off in the distance,As my love for the 'recorded sound' increased I would read articles detailing how audio equipment such as speakers and amps etc worked and how their level of design and manufacture would relate to the   quality of sound reproduced.I spent the next 20 years upgrading stereos and finally stopping at what would be called a medium level system.

As a musician I was starting to do some recording in various studios and noticed that what sounded great in the studio would sound rather average when transferred to cd and played on my sound system at home, this was also around the time that computer based home recording and therefore studio equipment began appearing in music shops.Further reading and   talking with studio owners enlightened me to the fact that stereo speakers and studio speakers were entirely different beasts..and that if I wanted to hear at home what I heard in the studio there was no option but to get a studio sound system.

  So starting with entry level powered monitors Ive spent the last few years working my way through various makes and models and after settling in with a pair of Adam A77x's I was very happy,they had a detailed yet 'musical' sound,I also recorded an album using them an achieved a fantastic result.(checkout audio zephyr 'whole wide world' on spotify)   however I was itching to see just how much more could be had from Adams 'S' series...?

Well, the answer is an UNBELIEVABLE amount more!!...The Adam 'S'  series are a speaker that leaves you wanting for nothing,  if there is a note or a sound in a recording then you will hear it, in a very balanced,focused but spacious way and the Adam's manage to do it without being clinical or harsh.

As I am listening to them in a home environment unlike a well designed studio, I am confronted with the fact that the 'room' is far from perfect with reflective surfaces,standing waves,rattling windows etc..The Adams give you the ability to correct this to a degree with 6 separate parametric eq's + high and low shelfs, delays etc.( which in even a half decent studio will be sufficient to probably  get an almost flat response from them.)

  Finally I am hearing what in many cases the original musicians probably never got to hear...and that is,everything that was captured on that holy grail of mediums 'magnetic tape'...reverb tails for days,backing vocals you never knew existed,guitar parts that before sounded like 1 guitar now revealed as 2 guitars etc etc etc.

So in conclusion from a 'music lover' and soundscape appreciator these Adam S3H's are a top of the line monitor that if you're recording ,mixing or mastering they are going to give you all that you need and above all (for me)are a joy to listen to ... period!!

  Warren George (Audio Zephyr)

"I'm thrilled with the 633 mixer which has lived up to all my expectations.
It's first assignment was as a sub mixer to record a live stage musical in Australia for a DVD.  Six line inputs were used and all worked well.
Next was a TVC requiring timecode which I can now provide.
Finally a docco using my 418 mid-side stereo mic connected to inputs 1 & 2 and 3 radio mics connected to line inputs 4, 5 & 6. Great knowing the inputs are all recorded cleanly as ISOs and the radio mics were able to drive the line inputs ok - worth getting those adapter cables!
Being able to set up the mixer in advance and save all the settings for each shoot was particularly useful as some overlapped and I could recall settings quickly and easily.
I've only had the mixer for a couple of weeks but already feel comfortable using it."
Ian Masterton, Location Sound, Dunedin

 "Thanks for the training this afternoon.
I think the recording went well, controlling five teenagers was a bit of a challenge, but I survived."
Mandalina Stanisich

" I love the way my new Sound Devices USB Pre 2 works and the results I am getting are  great with quick and accurate Acoustic measurements from it.

I like to use well designed products and I like to see others who also value good engineering do the  same.  Purchase price is only part of the equation when making a purchase.  Will this product do the job reliably, is very important in the purchase process.  When out in the field equipment that lets me down wastes my time and costs me money."
Gordon Prier, CRC Studios, Christchurch

"Had the Adam Audio A5X monitors now for neally a week and all I can say is  WOW awesome, cheers for great service."
Peter Rattray, Peter Rattray Mastering, Christchurch

"My association with Sound Techniques Ltd goes back some two years now and in that time I have received only great service and advice. I really appreciated Stephen Buckland’s incredible patience and thoroughness as he advised me on the merits of various recording devices. As an oral historian good recording equipment is essential and I have found Stephen both knowledgeable and helpful as he assisted me through the purchasing process. 
Moving in to the digital age was a big step for me as a technically challenged person. Here again, Stephen Buckland showed  great patience, laced with a bit of humour, as he has guided me through the transition period. Even after the initial settling in phase Stephen has stayed in contact and I have always felt that assistance is only an email or a phone call away and the distance between us – Timaru to Auckland – is no barrier to service."
Ruth Low, Oral Historian, Your History, Timaru 

“I’ve dealt with Sound Techniques since the inception of The Colour Field Recording Studio and have found them to be friendly, reliable and helpful – also, it’s great dealing with people who know and understand your business and are prepared to go the extra mile for you.”
Tim Julian, Owner, Producer, Engineer and Teaboy, The Colour Field Recording Studio, Tauranga  

"I contacted Sound Techniques when I was putting a very green foot forward to purchase a digital audio recorder for oral history work.
Their equipment advice was spot on and Stephen Buckland and his team have provided superb after sales support; they really do 'listen and give sound advice'!"
Pip Oldham, Freelance Oral Historian, Wellington

"As a small radio production organisation, producing a Dutch language programme in New Zealand, we work on a limited budget.
It is therefore important to get solid and professional advice.
When our fifteen year old mixing console began to show its age, we contacted Stephen Buckland at Sound Techniques. We have dealt with them for a couple of years now and bought things like a “Focusrite” microphone processor, HHB reporter microphone and the latest purchase, a “D&R Airmate” mixing console.
The “Airmate” suited our budget and has proven to be a fantastic mixer, sturdy and it sounds great.
We at Echo Radio certainly believe Sound Techniques slogan "we listen and give sound advice"
Theo Boekel, Studio Owner/Engineer, Echo Radio

"Thanks very much to Stephen at Sound Techniques, with his help of thinking outside the box it made it possible for me to take a very new (the first one sold in NZ I think?) Sound Devices 788T recorder to Rarotonga for a 5 week drama shoot. The 788T is an awesome machine and Stephen emailed with news of new firmware or operating procedures the second they were released. Thanks again and all the best for 2009!!"
Chris Hiles, Production Sound Mixer, Wellington


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