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Equipment suppliers


Organisations/resources – New Zealand:

New Zealand Film and Video Technicians' Guild (AKA Techos' Guild)
Represents film and video technicians in New Zealand. Negotiates 'Guidelines for Engagement of Crew' and 'Code of Practice for Safety and Health'. Join now!

Wellington Audio Association
The WAA is a Wellington based Association which was established in 2005 to support and promote all things relating to audio. Being an Associate of the Wellington Audio Association is open to any professional, amateur, enthusiast or student interested in audio.

Data Book
New Zealand's screen production directory.

New Zealand Musician
Local music news, gear reviews, directories and links to the New Zealand music industry. Archive of back issues.

Film NZ
Film New Zealand is New Zealand’s film locations office providing information, introductions and support to filmmakers, both internationally and nationally.
A forum for audio professionals in New Zealand.

Women in Film and Television
Supports women in the film and television industries in New Zealand, and provides an informal network for helping each other in their careers. NB: Men are welcome to belong as Friends of WIFT.

New Zealand's Screen Production Industry Magazine.

Visual Union
Maker of Bracket 1 camera mounts for mounting wireless microphone receivers, a hard disk recorder, and other accessories to your video camera


Organisations/resources – Global:

Australian Screen Sound Guild
Represents the profession of screen sound in film, television, multimedia and other related audio industries within Australia.

Wolf Seeberg
Author of 'Sync Sound with the New Media' and ‘Sound and Video assist for 24P’ Infomation on syncing sound with picture.
Website alternative for rec.arts.movies.production.sound.

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
SMPTE develops many of the standards that shape this industry.

Mandy's online crewing directory
Web database of film and television producers, technicians and facilities worldwide.

Cinema Audio Society
Founded to create a proper channel of communication between the related sound crafts and between those instrumental to the production and distribution of film and television soundtracks.

Aims to encourage, sustain, educate, train and represent all those who, creatively or technologically, are involved in the business of providing moving images and associated sound in any form and through any media.

Pro Audio Asia
'Our objective is to be the premier pan-Asian pro-audio publication.'

National Association of Broadcasters
Represents broadcasters and organises the annual NAB convention in Las Vegas.

Audio Media
Professional audio technology magazine.

Association of Motion Picture Sound
UK based organisation that promotes and encourages the science, technology and creative application of all aspects of motion picture sound recording and reproduction, and to promote and enhance the status and recognition of the contribution of those therein engaged.

World Wide Audio Directory
The comprehensive World Wide Pro Audio Directory – get listed.

Production Recording
A source of interesting and useful information to professionals in the sound community.

Pro Audio Review
Pro audio equipment reviews.

USENET group for film and television recording professionals.


Equipment suppliers:

ADAM Audio
Professional monitor and mastering speakers featuring a ribbon tweeter

Microphones, headphones.

Hearing protection for noisy environments – a must, not an option!

Audio Ltd
English radio microphone manufacturers.

Beach Tek
Audio accessories for digital handicams.

Microphone mounts and windshields.

Radio microphones and headphone links.

Countryman Associates
Lavalier microphones.

Academy Award winner for time code slates and accessories.

DPA Microphones
High quality microphones for stage, studio and location recording

Develops, innovate and manufacture state of the art monitors that can be trusted 100% by audio engineers and artists.

Portable digital recorders.

Garwood Communications
Stereo in-ear monitoring.

HHB Communications
Professional recording equipment and digital recording media.

World's First and Only 520mAh 9V Ultra High Capacity Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery

Lectrosonics, Inc
Radio microphones for film, television, sports

Marantz Professional
Portable professional recorders.

MOTU is a leading developer of computer-based audio and video production hardware and software.

Nagra Audio
Nagra Audio develops, build and markets a full range of portable digital recorders for professionals as well as a range of products for the high-end hi-fi sector.

Studio microphones.

Professional Sound Corporation
Location audio mixers, microphones and accessories.

BetaBox and other accessories. Manufacturers and suppliers of professional quality equipment to the film and television industries.

Academy Award wining windshields, suspensions and accessories.

The world's most original microphone maker

Microphones, headphones.

In-ear pieces.

Mixers and microphones.

Innovative mixers and recorders. Made in Switzerland

Professional audio equipment.

Sound Devices LLC
Portable recorders mixers and audio accessories

Maker of the superior SQN location mixers.

Two-channel and four-channel portable mixers.

Research and development advanced radio communications equipment for a wide range of applications.

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