Announced at NAB 2022 and due later this year, the Lectrosonics DSR series digital slot receivers, DSR and DSR5P (2 channel models pictured) and DSR4 (4 channel) slot receivers represent the state of the art in portable wireless receiver technology. With design elements incorporated from the DCR822, these new receivers have an extremely high IP3 figure of +15 dBm making them operate well even in hostile RF environments. Also, they are directly compatible with digital transmitter in D2, HDM, Duet and DCHX modes, and are backward compatible with all Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid transmitters made in the last two decades.
The DSR and DSR5P are the logical successor to the SR line which has set the standard for portability and features since 2007. There is a huge array of accessories, docks, powering, audio output, and mounting hardware available for the SR line, and the DSR is compatible with all of them. These 2-channel receivers have full-time Vector Diversity.
The DSR4 is the answer to the request for a 4-channel, digital slot receiver, and is the only one available currently on the market. With a longer case and 4 audio channels, the DSR4 needs
new mounting, audio, powering and dock accessories. However, it is compatible with the
SuperSlot specification. Finally, with an on-board 5P connector, there is no need for a separate
ā€œ5Pā€ version. The DSR4 offers two diversity reception choices: antenna phase switched diversity
(4 channel operation), or Vector Diversity (2 channel operation).
Available Frequencies in New Zealand:
Model A1B1: 470.100 ā€“ 614.375 MHz (covers blocks 470, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23)
Model B1C1: 537.600-691.175 MHz (covers blocks 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26)

We’re accepting expressions of interest and pre-orders. Final pricing to be confirmed nearer launch date.