Lectrosonics DBSM and DBSMD Digital Transmitters

The DBSM single-AA and DBSMD dual-AA digital bodypack transmitters are the latest in the long and hugely successful SM Series of miniature transmitters and are part of the Lectrosonics digital ecosystem including D Squared, DCR822, DCHR/DCHT, and Duet systems. The new models feature a tuning range covering the A1 and B1 bands from 470-608 MHz or up to 614 MHz for the international E01 versions. The new transmitters include high-efficiency circuitry for extended run time, and offer RF power selections at 10, 25 and 50 mW. In addition, a new, selectable high-density transmission mode (HDM) allows for much tighter channel spacing of 200 kHz, yielding more than double the operating frequencies per available spectrum. The units can be configured as either transmitters or recorders, with files stored on microSD card memory in the industry standard Broadcast Wave .wav (BWF) format at 24 bits, 48 kHz sample rate.

The Lectrosonics digital ecosystem is growing all the time, and allows for cross- compatibility between many components and systems including the D Squared platform, the DCR822, the DCHR/DCHT, and the Duet system. This cross- compatibility gives you incredible flexibility and quality of audio for a huge variety of uses – from TV & Film production to sports and live performance.
• <1PPM timecode accuracy for all-day sync
• 3 RF power levels in D2 mode: 10, 25 & 50 mW
• Compatible with existing accessories from SMWB and SMDWB including SMBATELIM, Pouches, clips
• Extended battery life compared with earlier digital transmitters
• Compatible with DSQD, DCR822, and DCHR receivers (requires firmware updates for receivers to use HDM)
• Wireless Designer can include HDM in coordinations (requires PC version 2.0.31 and Mac

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